Big Madre Tacos y Tortas Opens 37th Location in the Greater Houston Area

HOUSTON, Texas (Oct. 18, 2023) – Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association, Inc. (GHRA), has opened its 37th Big Madre Tacos y Tortas location in the greater Houston area. Big Madre Tacos y Tortas is an authentic homestyle Mexican food service concept developed by GHRA in 2017.

Born out of a mother’s love for cooking, Big Madre Tacos y Tortas focuses on family and tradition. Every recipe, from the marinades to the salsas, beans and rice, and the handmade flour tortillas, was honed over decades by GHRA’s chef, “Captain” Glenn Cates. An executive chef with over 50 years of experience, Cates learned from the very best — his madre!

Big Madre Tacos y Tortas’ made-to-order menu includes a wide assortment of tacos, burritos, bowls, tortas, and quesadillas. Homestyle tortillas are pressed and cooked right in front of guests. Protein options include grilled carne guisada, slow-cooked carnitas, and specially marinated chicken and beef fajitas. The Big Madre Tacos y Tortas team strives to provide a friendly, fresh, affordable, and convenient customer experience every day.

Owned and operated by Lehjatali Momin, this Big Madre Tacos y Tortas located inside Time Maxx #6 at 6199 Decker Dr, Baytown, Texas 77520. Momin is a local entrepreneur and past GHRA board member. This marks Momin’s 11th Big Madre Tacos y Tortas location.

“As a Big Madre Tacos y Tortas owner, I take immense pride in serving our customers authentic, fresh, homestyle Mexican food. What truly sets the Big Madre brand apart is its dedication to excellence in every aspect of the business. We use the finest ingredients, craft each dish with care, and provide a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home. It’s not just about serving good food; it’s about creating memorable experiences for our customers,” commented Lehjatali Momin.

Honoring the rich tradition of family, Momin is grooming his son Arish Momin to take over the business. This ensures that the passion and commitment to quality remains strong for generations to come.

“I am honored to have this opportunity to work so closely with my father in continuing to build our family business. We are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences and high-quality fresh food. The top-notch employee training provided by GHRA, ensures that each member of our team upholds the high standards of the Big Madre Tacos y Tortas brand,” commented Arish Momin.

For more information and to schedule media interviews and tours, please contact Pennino and Partners (details above).

About Big Madre Tacos y Tortas

Big Madre Tacos y Tortas is an authentic Mexican food brand developed by the Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association, Inc. (GHRA). With 37 locations across the Greater Houston area, Big Madre is committed to serving the community affordable, homestyle Mexican cuisine and unforgettable dining experiences. To learn more, please visit

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