Summary of Benefits

$410,000 Principal Sum Felonious Assault AD&D Life Claim (On and off-premises)*
$5,000 Maximum Psychological Therapy
5% Per month up to 100% Coma
20% up to $50,000 Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification
$500 Per day – 3-day elimination, 14-day maximum In Hospital
Standard Schedule Paralysis
Texas Crime Victims As a part of a felonious assault claim, Breeden Benefit Group assists with filing for benefits under this program. Where applicable, benefits of this program include a variety of expenses including medical, rehabilitation, and psychiatric care. Also, the program can assist with loss of earnings, cost of care of child or dependent, and additional benefits for those suffering permanent disability.
*Felonious Assault Hazard Definition Felonious Assault Hazard means all circumstances, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, arising from and occurring due to a Felonious Assault committed or attempted against a Primary Insured Person while such Primary Insured Person is performing the duties of his or her regular occupation on or off of the employer’s premises.

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