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The Greater Houston Retailers Cooperative Association ("GHRA") is a family of associates that works for the improvement of its members. The staff, executives and board of directors of the GHRA spend countless hours working to reward its membership with first class knowledge, information, and vendor partners, so that the membership can be in position to realize the greatest profits. The GHRA pledges to the membership that it will uphold the highest standards of professionalism in its operations and dealings with the membership. The GHRA also expects from its membership the same highest level of honesty, good faith and ethics. For this reason, please take notice that the GHRA has a no tolerance policy for any behavior that is unlawful. A member charged with a felony for unlawful business behavior will face disciplinary action, fines or suspension from GHRA membership.

Members of GHRA

The strength of GHRA is its membership. The directors work extremely hard to bring benefits and savings to GHRA members. The benefits of becoming a member GHRA are as follows:

GHRA is in very close contact with State, City, and County officials and State agencies to address the needs of GHRA members.

Requirements to become a member of GHRA:

GHRA Policy on Synthetic Marijuana and related banned products

All GHRA members and employees in Texas need to be on the alert to NOT sell synthetic marijuana, bath salts and/or banned substances.

As we all know, possessing or selling of synthetic marijuana and related banned products in Texas has been illegal for a very long time. However, as a new Texas law, it is illegal to manufacture, sell, or possesses banned substances, given their wrongful chemical elements. These substances known commonly as, kush, k2, scooby snax etc., are all advertised as legitimate products, but in fact are illegal.

Please take notice that the GHRA has a NO tolerance policy for these violations.

Download the Policy

New members please call GHRA office to get details on becoming a member of GHRA.

Existing Members can login in to access membership information, rack price, promotions and monthly price list.

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